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Communication CommandoThe Communication Commando is…. Dennis Hall

The Commando creed is to move quickly and decisively, to use the enemy’s strengths against them – hit hard and fast and then move on to the next front – leaving the enemy in disarray and providing your forces with a platform to build on the gains made.

The online environment is like a battlefield and, unless you can move quicker and more purposefully than your competitors you will not be a winner.

But how do you move quickly and with purpose in a landscape that is constantly changing, in an environment you do not fully understand? You need access to intelligence – up to date information and expertise that can help you clarify your objectives and provide you with a map of the terrain you will need to navigate in order to be successful.

And that’s where I come in. I can help you to:

  • Develop a cohesive digital strategy for ALL aspects of your online activities
  • Ensure that your online reputation does not work against you achieving success
  • Establish online programs to generate new customers
  • Show you how to turn the enemies’ strengths to your advantage
  • Create development programs for yourself, your management and your staff

If you want results fast – if you want to stop losing battles and start winning the war – if you struggle to get the attention your message requires in order to have “Traction”, then you need to have me on your side!

Career background…

I have over 35 years field experience in sales, marketing, training and technology within both tangibles (goods) and intangibles (services) on both retail and wholesale fronts. As a consequence of my 15 years plus in the tourism and hospitality industry, I have developed an acute awareness of the importance of consistency & high standards of service at all levels of an organisation.

Since 1998 I have had my own business – helping other businesses move towards their potential. Since 2000 I have been actively engaged in providing support to businesses for their online needs – from web design and development to search engine optimisation and, more recently, social media and mobile marketing. My knowledge in these areas comes form a combination of hands on experience and proactive research.

I’ve worked with and for many industry leaders including; Harper Collins Publishers, Jetset Australia, Sheraton Hotels, Queensland Tourist and Travel Corporation, Thiess Australia, Surf Lifesaving Queensland, Air New Zealand, British Airways, BP Australia, Lend Lease Management, Conrad Treasury, Yellow Pages Australia, Queensland Department of Tourism Youth and Recreation, Australian Institute of Management, APN, Apprenticeships Queensland, BDO Kendalls, Suncorp Metway, TAFE (Brisbane North) and the Queensland Department of State Development.

Campaign roles have included…
As the acquisition of field intelligence is a journey, not a destination, I am happy to declare that I am still learning & gathering intel.– each and every day that I participate in various business combat zones.

I established my business support company in 1998. The business provides support to S.M.E.s in the areas of technology, training and marketing and has enjoyed strong growth to the present day.


I am a Fellow of the Institute for Learning Professionals, was a registered Coach & Facilitator with The Australian Institute of Management for over 15 years and have the CLP (Certified Learning Practitioner) accreditation. Additionally, I hold a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, together with an MBA in Marketing Management and am an accredited facilitator for the Better Buyer Relationships (IoweU) program- so I am well qualified to deliver & present across a wide variety of business and personal development topics.

Some personal details…

Originally from England, I was born in London and emigrated to Australia at age 8 (with my family) where I remained until aged 16. At this point the family returned to England, where I completed my high school education. At age 19 I decided that Australia was more suited to my values and so I returned to carve out my own future.

I have been married twice and have three fantastic children, Dennis and Cristal (from my first marriage), who are now carving out their own life paths. My eldest daughter lives in Melbourne, my son lives in Sydney with his wife & two children, where he works as an  aircraft maintenance engineer. My step-daughter is studying for a degree in Business at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.Communication skills

I have lived and worked across Australia’s eastern seaboard in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast and this experience provides me with a very good working knowledge of those markets. Additionally, I have delivered training & digital solutions throughout regional Queensland as well as Canberra, Perth, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, Singapore, USA, Qatar, Germany and the UK.

I have recently returned to Australia after living in Germany for three & a half years – why Germany?? There’s a story to that! If you want to find out more then visit my blog on the adventures of a Digital Nomad.