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Digital MarketerWe live in a digital world but most businesses are still operating as if the world was analogue – and that is why the old ways of attracting customers no longer work like they used to.

With an internet connection, we all have access to a global marketplace that has no geographic boundaries. For business this is both a huge opportunity, as well as a monumental challenge. Whilst it is now possible to reach & communicate with markets from all corners of the globe, being found online has become a complex and challenging task for the average business.

Local businesses, especially, struggle with the range of options available to make themselves “Be seen” online.

In the last decade, local business has had to come to grips with the fact that “Analogue” activities & processes like telephone directory advertising (such as Yellow Pages), local newspaper (& other publications) advertising, direct mail & other local media (such as radio & television) no longer have the same impact – and that is because people have moved away from these mediums as sources of information.


Because we are now in a “Digital” world! A world where Google (or Bing or Yahoo!) & other search engines are the preferred way of finding whatever you want to look for.  A world where you can ask your online social circle (through Facebook, Google+, Twitter & others) for recommendations and have dozens in just a few minutes! Why bother with the old “Analogue” ways of getting the information you need when it is so time consuming & all too often provided a “Hit & miss” result, when you can type in a question or publish a comment on your computer or smartphone and have up to date information at your fingertips in minutes?

“OK I get it!” I hear you say – you (and everyone else in successful businesses) knows that people go online to find what they are looking for. Knowing that is not the problem is it?

The real problem is getting your business to be towards the top of the list when Google (or Bing or Yahoo! & co) answers that question – the question that your potential customer typed into the search bar in the first place. Or to get those positive recommendations when someone asks a question of their online social circles.

And that’s where things start to fall apart for most businesses. In the last 10 years, being found at the top of the search results has become more and more difficult to achieve, as more businesses get online – competing with each other for the same customers and the same limited 20 or 30 “Positions”. In the last 5 years social media has gone from “What?? (is it)” to “Wow!!”

Digital marketing is all about resolving that problem. Let me explain…….

Just having a website is no longer enough to benefit from this global marketplace – you now have to make sure that the business website is mobile compatible, linked to social media accounts (like Facebook & Twitter), has current information, answers specific customer related issues (such as with a blog), is user friendly and customer focused, is structured to appeal to both search engines and people – the list goes on & on & on.

Getting any business in front of potential customers online is no longer straightforward – it is complex and the requirements change almost as quickly as the weather!

The average business owner or manager cannot possibly keep on top of all of this AND still have the time (& energy) to actually run the business.

This is where the services of a Digital Marketer are indispensable.

The role I can play for your business is to take all of this complexity and distill it into a strategy that your business can actually make sense of. More importantly, this strategic approach allows you to focus on running the business and making the right online marketing decisions – rather than trying a bit of this and that in a haphazard way that will never result in taking the business where you want it to go.

My digital marketing services can provide you with some or all of the following:

  • Assessment of viable target markets
  • Strategic marketing plan establishment
  • Online competitor evaluation
  • Action step program creation
  • Online reputation management
  • Evaluation of existing online activities and properties

If you want to get hold of some resources to help you with your online marketing efforts, you could take a “Click” to my Digital Marketing support website – there’s even a FREE  tool that shows you how “Google friendly your website is currently! Click on either link to visit and get your FREE website check

If you are feeling lost amongst all of your online options, if your results online are underwhelming, if you have caught yourself saying, “I’m just not sure what to do first” (or something similar) – then, you should be making contact!

I offer a totally free and without obligation evaluation service, so you have nothing to lose but so much (potentially) to gain – make contact with me today and I’ll show you how you can take back control of your online presence and the destiny of your business!