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Seven Steps To Improve The Results Of Your Email Marketing


Email marketing is a great way to reach both your existing & potential customers – here’s why:

  • It is inexpensive
  • It doesn’t take a lot of time
  • Done correctly, it will improve your bottom line sales results.

But (there’s always one of those isn’t there?)……..

Getting the right sort of response from your email marketing can prove to be elusive – especially if you haven’t done much of it in the past or have but have done it the wrong way. If you want to improve the results of your email marketing you need to spend some time to make your “Pitch” or message stand out above the rest.

Follow these seven steps & you will notice an immediate improvement in your email marketing results.

  1. Think about your subject line

The first thing people look at in the email inbox (after who the sender is) is the subject line. If you do not get their attention with this element of your email the rest won’t matter – because the email will not get read!

Don’t make the subject line cheesy or salesy – we have all had our fill of these types of emails & know that they are almost always a waste of time reading. It’s worth spending the extra time to come up with a subject heading that will work for you.

  1. Keep it short

Email is not the place to educate clients & potential clients on the history of your product/service or business, so keep emails short and to the point.

People just don’t have the time or inclination to read a long email from someone they either don’t know or don’t know well! The only goal of email marketing is get a response — and you can do that in as little as four-to-five sentences.

  1. Don’t try to sell in the email

Try to inject some of yourself into the content of the email – if it reads like a sales piece it is going to be deleted right away. No one wants to be “Sold” or treated like a number.

Try to write your email as if you’re talking to a friend or a long time customer. Don’t use buzzwords, fancy language or “sirs” and “ma’ams.” Sound like you (because that is what will make your email different from the rest) – there’s only one you on the planet, so it makes your email immediately original

  1. Make it personal

While sending out a generic email to multiple potential clients can be a win for time-saving, it generally results in the content of the email meaning very little – because it is too generalized.

Make your emails as personal as possible – not just with details like the recipient’s first name and company, but also with content that indicates a knowledge & understanding of their environment, as this shows that you’ve done your homework and care about them — individually — as customers or  potential customers.

Whilst it is possible to send thousands of emails at a time it doesn’t mean you should – and what’s the point when 99% of them just get deleted. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

  1. Add some value

What are you offering that can be useful to this client or potential client? Is it an exclusive deal, or an informative article? You have to be able to stand out from the never-ending stream of emails in their  inboxes by offering something of real value. What’s actually useful in their world?

  1. Always include a call to action

Making it personal & adding value will not do you much good unless you tell your client or potential client what they need to do next. Forgetting this is likely to leave your email looking rather pointless. Here you can leave the reader with a short question or a simple instruction.

Ending an email with a question that encourages a reply encourages a response. There’s plenty to choose from, like;

  • “Does this make sense to you?” or;
  • “Where should I send this book?”

Ending with a simple instruction lets the reader know what they need to do next. Again, there’s no shortage of options here, like;

  • “Just hit “Reply” to this email & we’ll have the information to you within 24 hours” or;
  • “Call now on (tel number) to secure your place”

This makes it easier for your client or potential client to respond and that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

  1. Add a “PS” to all marketing emails

Research has shown that, apart from the subject line & first paragraph of an email, the only other part that everyone reads is the “PS”. Should be no more than one or two sentences and should repeat the call to action & some element of your value offer – but using different words so as not to appear repetitive.

Follow these seven steps and you will soon notice a huge difference in the results of your email marketing efforts.


The Communication Commando is Dennis Hall. With an MBA in Marketing Management he has been involved in the online environment for over 15 years. He helps local businesses develop sustainable online marketing programs by applying a strategic focus to laser target what a business needs to be doing & when. He can be contacted at


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