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Skills Development

skills-developmentA single unproductive staff member is likely to be costing their employer more than $10,000.00 every year – how many staff members have you got in this category??

I can show you how to reduce this cost – dramatically!

Your staff should all be pulling in the same direction & be focused on how they add value to the business, If they aren’t – it’s highly likely that they are costing you a great deal more money than you think!



Most business owners focus on their customers when looking for ways to improve the performance of the business……

How can we attract new customers? How can we get existing customers to spend more? Etc.

Whilst these are good questions to ask – they’re not the only area to pay attention to!

What about your staff??

It is your staff that have possibly the greatest impact on your business relationships – whether these be internal (Stakeholder & Staff related) or external (Customer & Supplier related). Improving your business relationships isn’t just about a “Feel good” factor – better relationships translate, directly, to better bottom lines.

So, how do I improve your business’ bottom line through building better business relationships? …..

The next frontier for improvements to your organisation’s bottom line doesn’t lie with its systems or processes – but with its people!

And I’m not talking about reducing staff……..

I’m talking about getting your current staff to be more productive – both as individuals and as members of highly efficient teams. This doesn’t happen by itself – making your people more productive requires a whole new focus for many businesses.

That focus needs to be on what many people have termed “Soft” skills – the skills that incorporate influential communication:

  • Negotiation
  • Performance management
  • Personal productivity
  • Conflict resolution
  • Selling skills
  • Customer service
  • Leadership skills
  • and many more disciplines

In short, you need to be equipping your people with the skills they need to work together in a more harmonious and efficient manner – a manner that focuses them on the importance of building better business relationships, not just “Doing their job”.

In business our focus has been (and continues to be) on technical skills – those skills required to do the “Job”. Whilst these skills are important, they are not going to allow for the improvements to performance that business in the 21st Century needs– in fact, the businesses that do not come to terms with this are likely to be under significant threat as their markets become more competitive and they struggle to keep up.

In addition to the skills required to perform their job requirements – like how to write up a sale and what your products & services involve, we need to realise that an individual’s social skills rarely equip them adequately for their work environment. Socially, everyone has a choice as to who they will mix with and to what extent they will cooperate. In the workplace this is not the case – at work many people are forced to deal with people that they would otherwise have nothing to do with and their social skills often do not accommodate this “Forced” interaction.

This leads to communication breakdowns, poor cooperation and, in some instances, outright sabotage between individuals and groups. All of which is biting into productivity and the bottom line. This is where I focus and it is what my ethos is all about..

By building better business relationships an organisation can and will improve its profit outcomes – let me show you how!